Hello and welcome to my Online Portfolio. My name is Chuck Jones and I've been a character artist in the video game industry for over 20 years. I am passionate about digital sculpting, lighting, rendering and 3d illustration. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, playing computer games and spending time with my wife Amy. Any questions please contact me. Thanks for coming by.

Chuck Jones



A Senior Character Artist with 20 years experience working successfully in the computer gaming industry.

Accomplished character modeler with experience in both hi res organic and hard surface modeling.

Experienced in multiple roles including design, concepts, animation and rigging. Team oriented with a

willingness to mentor co workers. Hard working with a dedication to quality.



A lifelong devotion for art and games. Ambition to contribute to innovative gameplay.

Enjoyment of all things design in the game making process. A constant desire to push skills (work and

personal) to the next level. A drive to contribute to a close knit team and collectively improve.




Cryptic Software, Seattle, Wa. 2014 - Present

Senior Character Artist


U4ia Games, Bellevue,   Wa. 2012 2014

Senior Character Artist

Offensive Combat. Responsible for character sculpting, rigging and marketing assets. Also prepping

outsourced models for in game.


Warner Bros. Interactive, Kirkland, Wa. 2008 2012

Senior Character Artist

War in the North. Responsible for enemy creation and armor. Designed Assets that had not been

concepted yet. Modeled and textured hi res sculpts of enemy characters. Modeled, textured player

character armor sets. Guardians of Middle Earth. Responsible for character creation and

conceptualization. Modeled, textured organic characters, hard surface modeling and special effects support.

Unreleased Game Responsible for creating hi res human character sculpts


Surreal Software, Kirkland, Wa. 2005 2010

Character Artist

This is Vegas. Responsible for character creation and conceptualization. Modeled and textured assets for

character creation system. Responsible for environment/prop art. Created props for casinos and world

objects. Mentored co workers on Zbrush workflow and techniques. Designated griller for entire team on

warm summer Fridays.


Midway Games, Chicago, IL Area 2003 2005

Character Artist

Blitz the League. Responsible for main character concepts/designs. Modeled, and textured in game

characters. Created marketing assets. John Woo’s Stranglehold. Responsible for enemy character

creation from concept designs. Worked with Unreal tech and shaders.


Valve Corporation, Bellevue, Wa 1996 – 2003 Illustrator, Designer, Animator and

Character Modeler Responsible for concepts/designs of characters, animations, scripted sequences

and weapon models for Half Life. Created half of character content in game. Provided test animations for

scripted sequence development. Responsible for character and weapon rigging. Provided illustrations for

marketing assets. Team Fortress Classic. Designed and created all character models including sentry

guns. Worked on second release of Team fortress Classic 2, created all character models. Worked on

Counter Strike Retail, designed, textured and created all character models. Worked on an early version of

TF2. Provided character and equipment concepts for multiple art direction interpretations of the early game.


3D Realms/Apogee, Garland, Tx 1993 – 1996 Illustrator, Designer, Animator and Modeler

Started at Apogee Software as an illustrator on Rise of the Triad. Took over modeling on Duke Nukem 3D

and was also responsible for concept and design and texturing of all in game enemies. Responsible for

animation of all characters. Designed, built and animated viewmodel weapons. Responsible for end game

cinematics. Illustrated/modeled marketing assets for magazines. Worked on Duke Nukem Plutonium

Pack. Designed, modeled, textured and animated characters and final boss. Worked on Shadow Warrior,

responsible for concept/design, modeling, texturing and animation.


Professional Training

Software experience and adaptability for over 20 years. Maya and 3Ds Max. Photoshop, Painter, 3D Coat,

Xnormal, and Zbrush.



University of North Texas

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Illustration

1989 – 1992

Skyline High School

Dallas, Texas: Commercial Arts Program 1980 1984


Special Interests

Artist Anatomy

Hi Poly modeling

Lighting and rendering

3D Illustration

Mountain Biking