Entry: 02

I want to thank everyone for all the traffic I've gotten recently. Duke 4, Facepunch, Combine Wiki to name a few. Many people have interest about the images and if I have more or of higher resolution. Some of the games were so long ago there have been format changes, some I have trouble viewing reliably. Also I want to state that Valve(Half Life, Tf) and Gearbox(Duke Nukem) are the owners of the intellectual property. I'm only showing what I've been involved with the last 20 years in the game industry. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. I'll keep trying to update with new (and some older) images.





Entry: 01

Hello and welcome!  thanks for coming by. I started my website on Jan 20th and will put online Feb 17th. I do have one art entry.

I did these two sculpts on a flight in Jan . I used my Wacom slate. I did the Deputy on the way to out and the Bride on the return trip.  I had isle seats both times on crowded flights, very bumpy!





I will use this blog for any recent art updates, cool tools or anything amusing or interesting. Have a great year!